The Story of WesLocks and the 3 Couches

“This couch is too pink!” he exclaimed.

So, he laid down on the second couch.

“This couch smells like Marla!” she aid

So, he laid down on the last couch, the white couch.

“Ahhh, this couch is just right,” he said happily and he drifted peacefully off to sleep.

As he was sleeping, the Sara home.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and he’s still there!” exclaimed Sara.

Just then, Weslocks woke up and saw Sara. He screamed, “I could have slept on the pink couch!” And he jumped up and ran out of the room. Weslocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest. And he never returned to the home of the three bears.


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