bad idea

last night i went over to **** and ****’s for dinner. We sat down and had a nice family dinner. They pullled up to the house about a hour ago and i was sitting in ****’s lawn chair drinking a bottle of merlot and reading a freemasonry book. No glass, just the bottle.

After dinner, we’re watching tv and hanging out and **** gives me a little baggy with a Ambien in it. Now if you don’t know about Ambien, let me give you a formal introduction.

GENERIC NAME: Zolpidem tartrate

Why is this drug prescribed?
Ambien is used for short-term treatment of insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or early awakening). A relatively new drug, it is chemically different from other common sleep medications such as Halcion and Dalmane.

How should you take this medication?
Ambien works very quickly. Take it just before going to bed. Take only the prescribed dose, exactly as instructed by your doctor.–If you miss a dose…Take Ambien only as needed. Never double the dose.–Storage instructions…Store at room temperature. Protect from extreme heat.

Ugh, i don’t see “snorting off the top of your laptop” anywhere in that last paragraph. Anyway, i don’t remember the drive home, i wake up on the couch with my mom on the phone asking what time they wanted me at the office.

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