hehe okay today im stoned as hell and in a huge hurry driving down Central, tailing some car thats is suddenly. The car starts to slow down and turns down some random street. But instead of turning like most cars, this one basically stops for about half a second while turning, leaving me to mad downshift and check the rear view mirror for the semi-truck that im glad wasn’t there.

As i honk, turn to see what the fucking issue is in the car, and lift my fist up in a weird “I’ll get you next time!” motion and shake it. What i didn’t see is the car that was coming the other way on the street, a young mother and her kid in a car seat. They both make eye contact with me, since it seemed very apparent i was making the Superman fist pose at them.

I let off the clutch and hit the gas and drove off…..hope i see her someday in the grocery store…i’ll recognize her..hahskdfhadlf

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