Jay And Lesley's Wedding

I sat in church, hands trembling from alcohol withdrawls and anger since i could almost feel that crucifix looking at me. The wedding ends, we all talk outside then roll to the reception.

That's when it starts to get “intresting”.

We get there, theres a keg with a bunch of flowers on top, which tickled me pink. Also a open bar, which i pillaged of all it's merlot. Brandon and i leave for the liquor store, then we head to the house party after the reception.

All the way out in Cordova, we roll up into Nicole's house. I fucking love Nicole, she always throws these huge parties and i always end up breaking something.

The keg from the reception somehow gets there, everyone is drunk out of their mind…people are drinking southern comfort out of the bottle…and in that one picture where John Clutter is stumbling towards me with the bottle, then in the next pic you can almost see him sitting on my lap forcing me to drink….

I black out on the pool table for a few minutes and we somehow make the drive home…

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