gotta update about this

so yesterday before i go to kaleb’s bbq, i decide to stop in and get my haircut at the good ole Fantastic Sam’s i usually go to. I sit and wait for what seems like hours, reading a great article in GQ about Johnny Depp, how he likes France so much more, etc.

Finally it’s my turn to get my haircut. Now normally i get this one girl, blonde hair, really bad teeth, who knows what i do, how im usually stoned/drunk when i get my haircut, etc.

But this time i get a new girl….can’t remember her name for the life of me, but instantly she says “i bet your a artist, arn’t you?”

Here we go….

We continue to make small talk, she comments on how “adorable” i am several times. The questions start to get a little more personal, asking about my current dating status, what “i do for fun”, which i answer “drinking whiskey before getting my hair cut”.

I start to get a little nervous towards the end of the haircut when the flirting becomes kind of intense. I feel the sweat forming on my back as she tells me how cute i am again. The realization occurs to me that flirting in real life is very unknown terroritory to me.

Especially when it’s a mid 30’s hairdresser.

I pay for my haircut on the company card, the credit card machine fucks up printing out my receipt, and i stay longer. Now all 3 of the woman are commenting on how sweet i am with my big brown eyes.

I am terrified at this point, thinking only of escape and the rest of the Southern Comfort thats sitting in the back of my car.

I need to get a flowbee.

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