selling out, to the man

today i had a job interview. tommorow is the 2nd job interview. i’ll be doing data entry and “web publishing” for a decent hourly rate.

only thing is it’s 9 to 5.

last time i had 9 to 5 was when i was 20. i’m 24 now.

tommorow is the real interview, when i meet the client and try to convince them, even tho im overqualified to do the work, that i want to do it and that i’ll do it leeter then anyone else.

im a terrible salesperson as it is but when it comes to selling myself it’s even worse.

because i hate myself.

oh well, the blend of excitement and nervousness fades away with the 3rd unisom and 8th glass of wine. If i get this job tommorow im going to have to make serious “lifestyle changes”. Like waking up during the day. Not drinking all day and all night. Wearing nice clothes and going to a office.

i just don’t care anymore. The are paying me so well that i could show up in a suit and tie everyday, get punched in the face for 8 hours and still be happy with how much i’m bringing home.

It’s so nice tho, imagining what it’s going to be like to have a job again. A “you do this and we pay you this month” but constant steady work for the next 2-3 months until the contract is up……

i’m terrified to see the workstation they give me if i get hired. I picture a packered bell with a 15 inch monitor. Here ya go, get to work.

Oh well, i shouldn’t get my hopes up. I’ll probably bomb the interview, accidently mention acid, alcoholism and racism and i’ll be back in freelance hell again.

Stay tuned, update to come tommorow after interview.

Either going to be really depressed or really happy, either way, the jug wine will be pwned.

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