the best laid plans of toads and rats

In retrospect, i believe my planned invasion of the rat infested meat factory is going to need some work.

I’m not too proud to admit a mistake.

I’m not a George Bush supporter tho.

So before I invade the rat infested meat factory near my house, i’m going to make sure my troops, which will most likely be just drunk me, will be armed with what they need for a regime change.

After doing a little research, my aim list has reccomended:

1) bb guns with, the ones that shoot triangle bullets, not the circle ones
2) waders to cover legs to avoid rat bites
3) umbrellas to keep insurgent rats off that might come from above
4) oxygen masks because of the rat feces
5) a good exit strategy in case i get surrounded

I can get most of the equipment from a local Wal*Mart but the rat feces/urine kinda has me worried. Since this is a unilateral attack at the factory, i will have zero backup.

So if I am injured and consumed by them, someday someone will find my video camera Blair Witch style.

Which will make all of you feel really guilty for backing out of this invasion, I mean, update.

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