i wish people still read this

3am friday morning.

this has been such a terrible week. everything i have touched has instantly turned into shit. probably lost 1 client, gained another who thinks im a idiot, still don’t have a fridge.

my crackhore business cards got here today tho. so i guess it hasn’t been a total lose. i need to take a picture of one but they are great, they have stock photography palm tree one one side and a bunch of crackhore ranting on the left hand side..so great, can’t wait to leave these everywhere.

anyway. i’m want to talk about a few things before i pass out and start my shit life again in a few hours.

nothing wrong with looting. i don’t care if you are stealing a $2 can of soup or a $2 grand flat screen. grab that shit. people are killing left and right. sure, you won’t have electricity, but when you get to memphis, you can sell that flatscreen for cash and start a new life for your family.

so if you any of you have anything you want to unload, uhh don’t msg me.

everybody’s going to the party, have a real good time.

i think we need to get some screen writers down to new orleans, right now. we have snipers shooting at hospitals, people robbing the hospital for drugs and people stealing beer.

i would buy a 10 volume dvd set of people robbing each other in waist deep water.

the best is coming tho, seriously, don’t start watching something else yet. just wait till they are so out of food that they start eating each other. thats when this will really get cool.

another thing im sick of is people talking down about new orleans folks. like yeah, if philly or memphis or whatever other gangster city got flooded and looting started it’d be a lot worse then new orleans. memphis is about due fo r a huge earthquake. this place is going to turn into a tarantino flick as soon as the power is out for 48 hours, trust me, i know.

i mean we are robbing hurricane refugees. dont’ fuck with us.

im still waiting to run into a half a dozen strippers from new orleans who can’t find a hotel to stay at and would do “anything” for a place to stay. like, come on in, have you ever heard of the internet?


this is goodbye for a while. crackhore is going to be reborn, and this time for real. it’s so funny how i can type it out like it’s dramatic but in reality only like half a dozen people hit this stupid site.

you 6 people are very important.

no seriously tho, i have some ideas for this site. i’m going to take it down for a few days, install 2 new things and relaunch. you have a choice, you can either say “fuck toad and his latest attempt to make this site worth visiting” or think “toad has gotten me through worse situations then this, i’ll go without his stupid drunk updates for a few days while he moves the site to a new server and installs a bunch of sexy new shit”.

i have to admit people, ive lost my way. ive been trying to make money the legit way, doing business design and business hosting. truth be told, thats the not what i want to do with my life. i want to puke my brand on every last thing in memphis. when someone finally shoots me, there will be a story behind it.

probably not cnn.com tho

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