snowed in Memphis last night

So it’s freezing cold here, literally. Woke up this afternoon to my wonderful little ghetto city covered in a dangerous white substance. We went to Wal*Mart last night which a fun experience. I love looking into the eyes of the poor housewives, stocking up on water, totally terrified that the civilization that she knows and loves could come tumbling down because it’s going to snow and ice up. 

Which it does every fucking year.

 I think it bothers me because their poor husband probably sits in cubicle land 80 hours a week to pay for the gas and electric bill thats going to crush them this month.


 I wanted to post a link to this

This morning when I was scraping off my car at the hotel, I saw a lady scraping off her car with a coat hanger,” says Coleman.

 God, that mental image is just so awesome.  Nothing spells Memphis like some dumbass chick with a bent coathanger scraping ice off her windshield.  I guess i shouldn’t be talking shit cuz my car is still in the shop but at least i have a ice scraper there.

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