So today i found out my contract has been extended if i want it until May. I’m honestly not feeling like leaving new orleans so i think im going to stay put.

I left work today, ran 4 and a half miles at the gym, blaring the first mars volta album on my idildo. I’ve been experimenting with different music while running lately and have found that mars volta really gets the anger going. Highly reccomended.

I stop at the Savacenter to buy some dog food for marla. And by dog food i mean, 3 frozen pizzas, a handle of whiskey, a bottle of wine, a 12 pack of tecate and 4 oranges. I’m standing in line and a older gay couple looks at my collection of wonderfulness on the little conveyor belt and comments that it’s the perfect college diet. I laugh and say that the oranges cancel out the whiskey, beer and pizza.

Fucking fags. Dunno how anyone can judge my diet when they have a cart full of bread.

Carbs are the devil.

Whiskey is jesus.

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