mardi gras part 1

Wow the first weekend of mardi gras is over and i feel like i got hit by a fucking bus. Could barely eat lunch. Friday i went downtown with 2 guys from work and threw shit off the balcony. This is until i decide to go walking around bourbon, hunting women folk.

Apparently while i was gone, some super model looking chick was showing my 2 friends from work her clit ring. I never fucking win.

I ended up talking to some random girl and a bartender at a random daquri shop. I vaguely remember buying shots. The girl at the bar talks to me for a while and i eventually ask her what she does. Dog groomer.

So i’m back walking on bourbon when i decide i need a cigar. I walk into a random cigar shop and the fairly attractive girl behind the counter asks for my id. I surrender it quickly and she goes “oh wow, thats weird, we were both on the same day of the same year”. We make small talk for a second but the store was fairly packed. I want to go back and see if she’ll have a cup of coffee or something with me. I’d be interested to see the similarities.

I really don’t remember much of the rest of the evening. I walk home from the quarter, which is a terrible, terrible idea in retrospect. I need to stop testing fate. Only takes one little flick of fate and there are no more crackhore updates.

Saturday night was pretty much a blur. The crew went up to Finns. Pabst and shots. Mmm.

Now sunday is when my fun weekend gets bad. I’m not going to really go into details but i got hit on and kissed a really really large woman. Like i could go about my life and not write about this but it was a actual a sign of self control which is a rare occurance.  I luckily avoided her coming back home with me. I woke up this morning like “wtf”, yelling at myself in the mirror, BAD, BAD, BAD!

Oh well. Just can’t go back to that bar for a while.

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