so i’ve noticed a lack of updates on my part. The ebb and flow of crackhore continues. I go through these phases of going out drinking and not writing, then get angry at how much money i’ve spent and stay home and write. Then sitting at home writing makes me so mad that i go out and drink.

Last night i probably drank a little too much. I get there and start shooting jager like normal. My neighbor’s friend from Ireland, who had been drinking with me all day/morning listening to music. Just imagine if you met someone who hadn’t heard ANYTHING you have listened to. Like it was great going through NIN, Sublime, etc explaining the culture of america that listened to each one, etc.

Anyway i get up to the pub and i have a few shots but then about 11:30 peter buys 5 shots. The beautiful bartender pours the 5 out. I had already ordered one so she brings me 2. I do one and choke down the 2nd. Oh yeah, Peter bought Deckland a shot of jager and he doesn’t do that, so that one goes to me too.

I really don’t remember leaving Finns and i really don’t remember going to the other bar. I did a shot and had a beer there that i’m actually finishing while i write this update. It’s 10:15am on sunday and the day is my oyster. I can do everything or anything with the holiest of days to drink.

Let us start with a nice walk with the dog.

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