drugs girls blah blah couch furniture meat

so all day today im walking around with a jump drive of pics of my new artwork. everyone has seen it, the janitors, even the people in norfolk virgina who had to remote into my machine to fix it. I’m on the phone with them and they’re like “omg what is that?” and i have to explain the whole story to both the techs i had online. The one sounded pretty cute but of course she has to drop the H word. I’m pretty sure flirting over monitored phone lines might be bad in well…a lot of ways.

I think ive decided im not going to hang it above my couch. It might have to be something in the kitchen part of the living room. So it looks somewhat normal. I decided im going to spraypaint something on it, like “bad dog” or “life feeds on life”. Splash some paint on it and make it “completed”.

i really don’t think anyone gets my fascination with it and trust me, i asked everyone at work today.  I just can’t say enough about my creepy meat art tho.

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