im moving to uptown in about a week. lizzy read my post on crackhore and told me the place behind her was for rent. i talked to her landlord and signed the lease. movers come next week, everything is planned out. just gotta write the checks and it’s done.

i’m so excited to moving back to society. it’s going to be weird at first, i’m not used to being around people that i don’t work with….can’t wait tho.

anyway, this last weekend i noticed marla staring at something in the kitchen. after living with her for so many years i can sense her emotion and knew she was on edge, tracking something. usually it’s a roach or a fly or whatever but finally she darts up. she comes back with a tiny mouse in her mouth. i freak out and tell her to drop it and the mouse runs back to the kegerator/washer/dryer area. i’m still perplexed how the mouse even got in since this place is very well insulated…had to have snuck in when i had a door open while taking out trash or letting marla out? i dunno…
i’ve found mouse droppings near my kegerator and noticed that the kegerator drip tray has been licked clean. my mouse is drinking from my kegerator.

it’s time for him/her to go.

i bought traps tonight. i can’t wait to be laying in bed tonight and hear that satisfying snap. i was willing to let him live peacefully with me but no one goes near my beer without my permission.

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