i decided im going to start making content for this site again. it’s so hot in new orleans right now that i’ve confined myself to the apartment during the day…it’s so bad that you really have to micromanage shade…like if you have to be outside it’s a game of keeping out of direct contact. but you still have the 70% humidity…

i have left overs and a few oven pizzas, a bottle of scotch and plenty of stuff to watch. the keg gave up the farm yesterday which really sucks. everytime i have to order another one i am both sad but i know how much money it saves me in the end…or i could quit drinking so much..



i want to do another video but i really don’t want to leave the house and risk being burned to death by the heat.

i haven’t showered in a few days so i don’t want to make a video with me in it.

we’ll see.

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