this is a really weak scam

okay so i just got a msg on myspace from some chick i’ve never met before. i’m used to getting friend request from obvious bots trying to lure lonely guys into signing up to watch some cam site but this one is really weird. this one is attacking it from a really fucked up angle tho…she says her mom wants to hook up with me? she says she’s 23 on her myspace page which means her “mom” has to be at least in her early 40’s….now im only 28…do you really think this is gonna be a good hook?

i don’t know why this is stressing me out but i figure if you’re going to troll, do it right? i dunno…here’s the myspace of the chick and the message she sent me.




Hey cutie, I don’t speak in tongues, but I kiss that way.

My mother is interested in chatting with you and if you click, she’d love to date. She’s not into one-night stands; she’s looking for something stable. Hope you’re fine with that. She never tried online dating, so I’m giving her a hand. The bar scene is sooo stale, although she does go out once in a while. She loves catching live performances and amateur nights, I think she’s nuts, but whatever… Her idea of a good time can be very varied, but a first date she’d take pleasure in would be simple: an Italian restaurant, conversation over a nice cup of coffee, catching a movie and maybe dancing the night away.

She’s gorgeous too! But don’t believe me… ask her for some pics if you write back. This is my account so don’t write back to this address please. Instead, please send your reply to her Email address at, mrrose475@gmail.


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