creeping chicks out

yeah okay check this shit out.

i am the fucking creepiest guy on the internet. something about my curiosity or whatever…just fucking creepy.

i posted a few weeks ago about this girl i’ve “seen” online

i finally msged her and said “hey i saw you, sorry for staring”

she replied with a really friendly response, yeah that was me, yeah i saw you, next time say hi. very cool, actually positive response. next time i see her, she said to come up and act like a friend…shit i know she’ll remember me now…

i should have left it at that. just be like “okay cool, see you soon!”

but i don’t.

i msg her back with a link  back to crackhore with her previous post and a whole…yeah i think i’m just going out of my way to…i dunno….

she seemed nice too, i’m not going to mention what she looks like to avoid persecution.

i’m also banning myself from the internet as of today.

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