the day the world stood still remake

remake, pretty bad…felt bad for making kelly watch it with me…i don’t have anything against kiano reeves, i like him as a actor honestly. he played his role perfectly, it’s all the dumbass fucking people in the other roles…i dunno, it could have been worse…some decent cg to cover up…

the wrestler

boar gave me the heads up on this…i’m not much of a wrestling fan but i love the lifestyle and culture of it. jerry lawler’s autobiography is great.

the wrestler was fucking awesome tho, it was exactly what i wanted…this movie is just great over and over…within the first few minutes i was like “okay this is gonna be good”.

Mickey Rouke is great, perfect pick for the role.  It’s pretty intense, not a comedy by any means.

the cost of poop

i was thinking, if you divided the cost of a package of toilet paper into cost per roll, then cost per sheet, you could figureout how roughly how many cents it costs to poop and wipe…would it be cheaper to shower afterwards…naw cuz then you focus in soap and time spent drying off…yeah pooping and wiping is the way to go, but i think i’d be stressed out if i knew how much it cost. would i eat different foods? drink less beer?

anyway…yeah so..think thats about that for this update.

merry christmas to that guy who probably can’t walk anymore :(

i was heading downtown for a lunch today when i passed a scene on magazine st. some guy was laying in a stretcher next to a ladder…he obviously fell off the ladder hanging garland…must have hurt too…

kept thinking about holiday accidents and how they could be avoided if…we didn’t have holidays or religion…”wow, it’s like a sacrificial offering to baby jesus…we get up on ladders and handle lights and shit, break our fucking necks because of his..birthday”

we need more blood and bones to satisfy the christ child.

shotgun saga

i went out to harahan today to pick it up…from a auto parts store…yeah kinda weird…he was the cheapest FFL agent in my area….i walk in and there are mounted deer heads all over the place, liked easily 2 dozen….and auto parts..

i introduce myself, he gets the box and shows it to me…it’s just as bad ass as i expected…

i fill out the paper work and he calls it in….after a few minutes of him reading my info to the person, he says “it’s pending”….which can mean a bunch of different things…everyone assures me it’s a common problem and as long as i haven’t committed any felonies or been involved in any domestic violence incidents(none that the cops have shown up for *grin*)….so it’s just a wait and see thing….

hopefully i’ll get the call tomorrow saying it’s approved or else it gets shipped back to JD in michigan 🙁

it was so painful to see it in the box and not get to hold it…as well as the 20 minute drive to harahan…mad props to billy for taking me…he came and picked me up 5 minutes after i called him and drove me out there…so funny i told him i needed to “pick something up” out in harahan, so he had no idea what i was going in to get at a auto parts place since i don’t have a car….oh well, hopefully tomorrow i will be a armed individual.


jew2jew4: did you get my email last night?
jew2jew4: did you see how she hated it all over the pillow?
ScoutMassaToad: wait what
jew2jew4: email from me, subject ‘For you’
ScoutMassaToad: oh god
ScoutMassaToad: wait wtf

jew2jew4: i was fucking her doggy style, she squirted on the pillow
ScoutMassaToad: 🙁
jew2jew4: i told her she loved it
jew2jew4: she said ‘No, that’s liquid hate’
ScoutMassaToad: god
ScoutMassaToad: wtf
jew2jew4: lol
jew2jew4: we both figured we should share the hate with you
ScoutMassaToad: yeah im about to share it on crackhore