autographed pics

as many of you know…i printed out i think 10 pictures of myself, signed them, framed then and have been handing them out to people.

most of my good friends have one and if you are a good friend and haven’t gotten one then you’ll probably get one soon(gotta reorder soon)

anyway, i gave nick and allie one and it’s proudly hanging up in the apartment.  one afternoon they introduced me to a good friend and neighbor named molly. really cool, we sat and drank with her for a while and then we went about our way.

molly’s birthday comes around and it’s the night of kmfdm so i doubt i’ll be able to make it since i plan on sneaking alcohol into the house of blues. in my stomach. which worked.

long story short, i had planned give molly one of my autographed photos in person but instead nick and allie give it to her and say “toad couldn’t make it but he sent this autographed picture for you”

now it’s hanging up in her place.

so awesome.

web design rock star jesus.  saving sites and doing it with style.

i need to get some more printed.