the internet has fucked me up

my good friend boar sends me links to easynews porn pretty frequently. just what people do who work from home, we look at porn. and listen to pandora.

anyway, he sends me a link to a movie by the, called money talks. basically coming up to people with a video camera, a hot chick and a microphone and bribing people to do fucked up things. including like just straight up normal selling yourself for money.

i personally wouldn’t go anywhere with some chick, a microphone and and a camera. that sounds like a great way to get robbed but that’s the way i think.

so im watching them now convince people to come with her and listen to a song, on a mp3 player, that’s shoved in some girl’s ass. so they get 1 black dude and then a little white girl. so of course they have thriller on the ipod when they give it to the black guy(not sure how they change the tracks or if it’s on random). he’s singing along while the girl just kinda sits there crouched on a chair. this is all in like a alleyway too.

the girl then stands up and starts dancing with him while he still has the earbuds in.  then it shows her dancing with the earbuds in.

the white girl they actually get to take her top off and dance with the chick while listening to the music.

i think what fucks with me is that this occurred in time. this was real. what the fuck, seriously.

what’s kinda fucked up is they actually show the money trade hands after the sex. that just seems like a terrible idea…i’m taking this way too seriously, i think i’ll play some quake.