tori amos night of hunters

Starting in on the 3rd listen of your new album. First off, let me start this post off with a thank you. Tori, you and i have been close. I mean, there are hundreds of people who instantly think of me when they hear your name. A lot of people don’t get you and I’s relationship. I’m not gonna lie, i get some hate. You are not my friend’s favorite artist. Whatever.

It was cornflake girl that got me into you. Just something about that song, even today, just like good. First few seconds of the beginning…ugh yeah you are hearing it too.

I honestly cannot listen to boys for pele anymore. I just totally broke that album. Too many times the neurons fired and i just can’t do it. I caught so many fucking light sneezes and rented so many wife and kids. Thousands, easily. I’ve even sang professional widow too many times karaoke to listen to the song…

We were good friends before attracted to sin but that album…wow. That album isn’t going to go into this post because it deserves it’s own vigil. Not dying today, police me and the best part…starling and fast horse… bam. All you do is complain mmm 😀

To Venus And Back got some serious fucking haters. And you know what, haters only motivate you. That is why we are friends that talk via phone and text message…constantly. I love this album tho…so perfect. We talk all the time so i know you know that you know what it’s like to just love every song on a album. A truely rosemary baby situation…but black dove…mmm

American girl possee…mr bad man, beauty of speed…just all of it…I get sad listening to digital ghost. If you wrote this about me i think you should have mentioned me somewhere, it’s cool. We have to keep this on the dl.

this is your crackhore bonus, this your extra 😉

little earthquakes was a good album. happy phantom might actually be the greatest song ever created. shit i’m listening to that now. yup, so good. hate those nuns out in the yard too

Leather too…ugh…and crucify…all so awesome

and choirgirl…you’re in queue next…this is the tori love..say you don’t want it…say, you don’t wait, again, and again…but you don’t really mean it 🙁

argh so good.

Anyway, i know you’re busy so i’ll stop with this but i just wanted to say thanks for another album, we appreciate it.