life moves forward


We started talking on october 28th…almost 2 months now…wow. I had to login to okcupid to see that. Two months is a long time for me.

Kendra is a interesting situation. I’ll try to sum her up in a short paragraph, the way she has maybe summed me up in post it note…she doesn’t want to live here for long…moving back to the south east is her plan and was upfront with that before anything ever started.

I’m good at seducing tho…i can be very charming when i want to be. Anyway…she is in love with me and i love her…i can type it. There is something about her that is obviously different from anyone I have met in a long time. We differ on huge major aspects of moral and ethic ideas but these will be quickly dissolved in hatred or love.

Opposites attract tho, something about me is drawing her towards me and vice versa. The problem is she is different then what i normally attract and i need to change my thought process. I’m a sadistic person, i like making women feel insecure to increase my attractiveness…it’s not that big of deal to say it anymore. The trick is to make her realize that it’s just my sick humor and not how i feel. I joke with her because i feel comfortable with her…i don’t do that with just anyone.

She accepted my facebook relationship request so that’s pretty much marriage in my book. She doesn’t even know about this site yet…sigh.