Seeds of Despair Brew Log

I haven’t been brewing at all and I have been feeling it well up inside me and finally exploding on this november afternoon. Pushups, pullups, situps, leg lifts, protein powder, coffee and the one hitter. Called Wes, caught up on how both of our lives suck and are awesome at the same time.

I actually boiled the water way too much before steeping grain, need to put thermometer in immediately next time.

Steeping grain, listening to Tool. Very interested in finding out how this beer tastes. Ingredient list:

  • Grain of some kind
  • Brieess Pilsen Light DME 6 LB
  • Hersbrucker German Hop Pellets 60 minutes
  • Hersbrucker German Hop Pellets 10 minutes
  • Coriander seeds in last ten minutes

I have to admit to myself that I have slowed down on my favorite hobby since I broke up with Kendra. That ends today. She was holding me back. First acquiestion will be a mini fridge from costco next week to control fermentation temperature. Nothing but time on my hands, I’m going to start doing marathon brewing seasons on Fridays/Saturdays and start recruiting everyone I can to help me bottle.

To start this hobby over again, I’ve decided to name this first beer the Seeds Of Despair. I’m going to try to embrace the sadness again. Regret is pointless.

Okay grain out, boiling intensifies…not looking forward to stirring extract it in while trying stir.

That was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. Big ass bag of malt gets very hard to pour and stir at the same time. I’m going to have to ask the home brewing subreddit for advice on that later.  There has to be some kind of easily purchased device that allows for the pouring of powder…I think this batch will be okay tho, was able to stir most of the extract in okay enough. It has now entered my favorite yummy stage where you have to watch it and not get distracted and the yummy foam boils over the side of the pot.

I’ve spread out a bunch of the grain on a cookie sheet. No plans for what to do with it…I might make some spent grain energy bars like last time. Bring them to the networking breakfast Tuesday. Decided to make more coffee.  Getting head right, watching boil like hawk.

I can’t wait to get a mini fridge to control the temperature when it’s fermenting. I’ve read that is a game changer and I want my game changed. Now that we are getting into colder temperatures I can keep one bucket in the fridge and then another bucket fermenting the less superior way.

Distracted by okcupid, foam boiled over a little bit but not bad. Everyone makes mistakes. One thing about the electroic stove which is nice is the clean up will be so much easier then the older stove.

Poured in the 60 minute hops and set the time. I’ve been siphoning water from my water system into a bucket and that’s about ready. Time to clean the final bucket and get the wort chiller of sadness ready.

Okay wort chiller is cleaned, got 40 minutes to think about how the nice thing about being single is I can actually find someone I really like and not end up in another fucked up relationship. Messaged a girl who mentioned she was training for the marathon. As I’m running more I’m starting to wonder if that is something that should go on this internal list of things I’m looking for. Sarah said it’s a impossible combination of things but whatever.

I read something the other day on reddit about how men absolutely have to put a ton of effort or else “you’ll be clutching for a medical alert bracelet while eating dinner alone one night”. You have to message women online. You have to be more picky and not waste the precious resources you’ve earned from the hustle. You have to be more precious with your time since you can always stack more paper if it becomes too dire.

Do more pushups. Every day.

Drink more wine and less beer at happy hour.

That is one thing I’m stocked up on is fucking beer bottles. I have beer bottles for days. Probably can brew another 2 batches after I bottle the Seeds Of Despair.  Last night at costco I walked around and looked at their bottled beer section since I used to love getting those kirklands variety boxes. Labels came off easy, a nice variation of a lot of different beers. Maybe I should say something since I’m basically a fucking costco/american express costco case study.

Probably jinxing it but I’m really excited about my date tonight. I have no idea what level of attraction she feels for me but I’m sure I’ll have a pretty good idea by the time the check arrives. I just have to remember to be charming. Try to touch her hand maybe, try for a kiss, it will look like I’m confident even if she goes “oh, no sorry you have the wrong idea, we’re just friends…i don’t date guys like you, sorry”.  The timing is kinda lame tho because of the holiday, maybe if things go well I can manage another date before vacation.

Wort is boiling so good, getting the water ready to active the yeast.

Just read that I should crush the seeds. I’ve also read I should put them in a sanitized hops bag instead of just leaving in bucket. We’re not doing that. I grind them up the best I can and toss them in. 6 minutes till chill time. I wish I had done a little more research, could have washed out coffee grinder and used that to grind them. But it’s in the past now. no turning back.

Regret in beer brewing is a big part of it for me. Next time I use some weird ingredient I haven’t used before, research while the water boils.

Ugh wort chiller is leaking, fixed it quickly by putting a towel on it. Chilling commences….got the yeast started too.

Transferred from pot to bucket without spilling it all over the kitchen which is always a danger. I left a lot of the seeds in the bottom of the pot, somewhat on purpose since those seeds are going to make bottling a fucking nightmare.

I pitched the yeast about 2 minutes early from what the instructions say but hopefully it won’t fuck it up that bad. I’m guessing this will have the light flavor of orange peels but not too intense since I didn’t grind the coriander.

Time to clean up and eat . Bottling in two weeks. Seriously thinking about going uptown and getting another ingredient kit and doing it again tomorrow afternoon. I figure since I’m going to have to recruit someone to help me bottle, might as well make them help me bottle 2 batches. A lot of mistakes were made in this first run of solo lonely brewing but I think it will just take some time and maybe a few hacks to overcome the need for a 2nd person.