Bluetooth headset review

This is my jesus bluetooth device. There are many like them but this one is mine.

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Red means off, black means it’s on connected. I look forward to phonecalls with old friends as a chance to use it.
Has a range of 20ish yards. Always crazy when you are that far from your phone and it rings in your ear.
I’ve lost mine two months ago because it’s slightly easier to lose then that big bluetooth necklance i loved until it broke. Losing over broken everytime.
You can also take it out since we live in new orleans and people are still curious and scared of bluetooth. I felt superior with mine but i like taking my bluetooth headset out while talking to or walking into public. It’s become a sign for me that says “i talk on the phone a lot because i am important but when i’m hanging out i don’t talk on the phone”.
After I lost mine and i don’t know how, $30 isn’t that much to drop on a new one that will probably save my life while driving, make phone calls last longer because i’m not holding my hand against my face like a idiot.
It’s terrible that someone’s life can get destroyed because someone won’t spend $30 on one just for driving.
Car bluetooth is great but i don’t want to sit in my car while i make a phone call. I’m so self important that i think every moment up until rotary is important and want to get out of car and be on phone the whole time, not have it tired to my car.
This one is also small enough to where you don’t look like your on a soundstage. I don’t know want the quality is really like on receiving end but it’s great talking and hearing the caller.
Part of my day is when I put in my headset and call Jess and we talk about the emails and tickets and what she can do while I’m on my way down westend. If anything it’s a daily early affirmative reminder that I’m not wasting time driving and actually troubleshooting and fixing stuff sometimes while I’m pulling up. Then hanging up phone, say “okay is it uploaded, oh cool, we’re good” then moving on…
Or get another one in this price range and amazon review quality. The small size makes me feel like less of a dipshit then people with half a foot of stuff over their face like they are directing a drone strike. The quality is good enough for me to tell people to email me to reset a password or listen to me rant about things while planting spinach on the patio.