When i go to memphis i really enjoy going to my old haunts. I tried to see as many as i could this last time i didn’t do as good as i wanted but maybe next time. I’m actually thinking about going to memphis more often just because it’s nice to get out of new orleans and the cost of living is lower and make it more fun to have fun.

anyway, i really enjoy going up there. I’m a firm believer that the women in memphis are way more hot then new orleans. I want to figure out a good cheap airbnb in midtown that i can stay at and just take the train up every few months. I really like the anonymity of it too, i rarely run into people i know.

Part of me even wants to just throw my arms up and give up and just move back to memphis and do point2point there again. It’d be nice to be closer to my mom and dad and sister and her husband but i honestly kinda like my solitude from everyone down here all alone.

Oh well, with my finances i need to remember i shouldn’t be doing anything fun ever. Just save money and pay off debt :-/