The balance

I talk about this a lot but there is a balance in life that i want to achieve again.

It’s not a pipe dream, it’s something i’ve experienced in several periods of my life. It’s been a long time since i had it but it’s been done in the last few years.

It’s very basic and has simple rules. I just have to exercise. Everyday, rest on sunday. Just no exceptions. I’ve started thinking that maybe just start really basic everyday, wake up, do situps and leg lifts, a few minutes of it every morning to keep my stomach flat’ish.

Running tho, running is so important and i gotta keep with it. I did 5 miles today after not running for months and loved every second. If I can get back up to 3 days a week running and the rest working on upper body i’ll finally get to where i actually feel like i’m attractive, which i’m not at the moment.

also more fucking salads, salads for lunch.

I read somewhere online that men lose a bunch of testosterone at 40 and i’m getting closer to that each day. I want to be able get a head start on it before i get old and fat and alone.

I mean older, fatter and more alone then i am now…yikes, that’s a fun thought.

It’s a cute meme on facebook about how your pool body starts in the winter time and it’s kinda true. I’ll be jumping in the pool and chilling in my float before i know it.

Or i’ll die before then, there’s that.