Tell me your secrets, I’ll tell you mine

And tell all your girlfriends, your “been around the world” friends
That talk is for losers and fools.

Fucking finished with this shit. I know I need to sleep, maybe a unisom situation since it’s 5am on a monday. Naw, let’s power through until sunset.

I’m a victim of love, hey, i should be happy I can still even feel that anymore, not my fault it was for what is basically was…I’m not going to say it. I hope she finds what she is looking for but it gets tricky for women above 30, especially with covid weight we all have put on, whatever, I’m not a catch anymore so I shouldn’t cast any stones.

Ugh okay no more eagles…well, i woke up this morning and I grabbed myself a beer. Keep your eyes on the road and your fucking hands upon the wheel. Yeah we’re going to the office and we’re going to have a real good time. Naw, probably going to sleep.

I’ve never been a advocate of suicide, things can always get better but it seems like I’m living in this simulation that only exists to punish me. I want to find the person running it and stab him and I can’t even decide what knife I want to use. Absolutely want to use a knife, if you have been hurting me this long I want you to feel it.

Let it roll baby roll…let it roll, all night long.