i would describe you as a angry alcoholic

When Ginny said that, it really hit me that, well, yeah, but I have a lot of reasons to be angry. Honestly, we should all be more angry. Whatever, that’s another post about people wearing masks around their necks. We are all going to die. I have to drink more water and be as healthy as I can while still completely destroying my mind.

Anyway, Monday morning, after a Saints victory of the Falcons, we’re laying in bed, my head on her chest, both of us in a strange bliss. This perfect time is interrupted by mr jack hammer! Now I was just…joking, in a sense but I rolled out of bed naked and grabbed the AR-15 and started walking to the door.

I forget what she said but I started laughing and put it away and came back to bed. I wasn’t going to shoot him. I don’t even have any guns. I love the Atlanta falcons.

A odd side effect of having her in my life is I can use her love against her and get her to help me bottle the 10 gallons of “wine” which I need to write a post about. It’s weird how much ancient DNA I feel like I carry in me.

From the feeling of chasing buffalo while running, brewing/fermenting things when feeling happy must be up there with gardening in a sense, weird instincts to try to extend your life because it doesn’t suck. Exercise too has been on the raise in my life and that just absolutely makes every other part of life better, just have to fucking do it.