Made some pretty good content this weekend

I started seeing someone. She’ll read this and anyone who knows her and knows she’s seeing me, well, whatever. I’m not going to apologize for living my best life.

It’s important to note that whatever this is, sometimes she’s my girlfriend, sometimes I’m afraid she hates me(which isn’t her fault), sometimes I can actual feel legit love emanate from her. I’ve tried to adapt a stoic “enjoy this until one of us doesn’t” kind of attitude which often works.

It’s funny writing about this on crackhore because she really makes me wonder about “why” people like me. Back when this site was a regular part of people’s day, it spread and has lead to all kinds of crazy things with crazy people. 

So I never use names, we’ll call her Ginny, “because of the gin”.

So, I’m extremely active on /r/neworleans, like a regular cast member. One of my favorite activities in the world is pushing the limits on the moderation team there with more and more…i dunno, “content”.

I mean, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, going out and drinking isn’t a option so I’m getting my shit out in my own way.

One day, probably while drinking, probably, I decided to create a thread of new orleans themed erotica. It’s beautiful, if you have time read it.

I’m thinking about writing New Orleans themed erotica and need help brain storming from NewOrleans

Anyway, so Ginny messages me and we exchanged numbers. We both realize we had met before in real life many years ago. Ginny…shares a very similar attitude to sex and we discovered pretty much instantly that we are extremely compatibles in that part of life.

We also learn soon we both like to party, that is basically drugs, alcohol, 90’s music and sex. Ginny is a good bit younger, only 29, which for someone of my age is, well, a accomplishment. I also haven’t been with anyone who shares my level of depravity. I’m not really going to go into much as far as details. Well, okay maybe a few just because this is a fucked up story.

So Friday night has typically been our date night, we’ll either get food to go our go out to a fancy restaurant(that i have trade credit with). I told her tonight our Friday nights are such a relief that we did all of the bullshit that we have to do to continue to just exist and then finally get to see each other. It sounds cheesy typing it out but it’s really such a reward for all the fucking bullshit we both have to deal with in this new reality. I digress.

So on Saturdays we like to do “brunch” at home, just cooking the absolute perfect breakfast with drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. So I’m laying in bed Saturday morning thinking “i have the champagne, the bacon, eggs, everything i need except I forgot orange juice”.

Going to the store sounds like torture after, well, Friday. I remember, I have some Tampico I bought randomly on a instacart order. We cook and drink this remarkably good mixer with champagne. 3 bottles of champagne later with the sun going down, we decide to go for a walk in the park since westend park is really beautiful and peaceful at night.

We walk to a very special place in the park called, well, I call it, the Gus Grove. I’m going to post a pic if but it’s basically these 4 trees and a concrete statue of a dog and a nameplate in those New Orleans street font that says Gus.

Obviously, a dog is buried there. Now, it’s a previous story that I should have wrote but a few months back, I ate way too many mushrooms and walked to Gus. So the elevator speech on that mushroom trip was don’t eat mushrooms on top of a dog’s grave while listening to Tool. At one point I could feel Gus raising up from the ground and choking me to death with his paws. I don’t even know why I do drugs anymore, like life is already stressful enough without conjuring ghosts of dead pets.

Anyway, Gus has a bench under his trees and it’s one of my favorite places to go drink. I take pics of the statue a lot and lots of people here in New Orleans know about Gus. Very few have talked to Gus like I have, I mean, besides the people who knew him when he was alive.

So Ginny says she wants to go see Gus. I can’t not agree, I’m always down for Gus.

I’m kinda afraid to post this but somehow…well, Gus has now talked to me while in the depths of a hallucinogenic nightmare and has now seen me have sex. I mean, as a experienced person in awful things, I never have been like “yeah…my weekend? Oh, Friday had some great sandwiches, Saturday, had sex in front of a ghost dog in a park, yeah then then saints beat the falcons!! What about you?”

It definitely was a checkbox on the sex bingo game we all play that I didn’t know existed.

She left this morning to go work and I won’t see her until after Thanksgiving. It’s for the best, she has shit to do, I do too. So fun to have someone to have these adventures with tho. Just the beginning hopefully.

This will obviously be followed up with “heart broken, drinking myself to death with a zombie dog post” but I felt like I owed it to myself to put pen to paper to one day remind me of this.

I’m going to try to make efforts to post here again. Not for any reason but to keep a document of it. She made a point that I might start writing more because of how happy I am…it feels good to just yell into the void, especially knowing no one is listening, well, probably her.