Movie fun with Ginny

Super early on I realized that Ginny wasn’t really a movie person like I am. I’m okay with that because it’s allowed me to really go down the rabbit hole as far as just terrible fucking movies that are not really enjoyable to watch.

It was in a previous post but one of the first weekends we watched Kids, Requiem for a Dream and Spring breakers.

This weekend I dialed up One Hour Photo with Robin Williams which is a sad yet horrifying movie then put on Hard Candy which is a absolutely terrifying movie as a…person like me.

She also told me she had never seen Goodfellas so we had to put that on. We got halfway through Casino, which is a long movie, maybe can finish it next weekend.

We both have lists of movies she hasn’t seen. We got 12 Monkey’s lined up for next weekend, I love that movie.

Also we watched The Gentlemen which was a fucking astonishing movie. Guy Richie is a fucking national treasure. Well, not our national treasure but a treasure regardless.