If life was any better I’d feel guilty

I love that answer when people asks how I’m doing. I mean sure, there is a very warm civil war brewing in this country, I can barely make my payments to my team and you know, the pandemic that is killing people and also killing the ability for me to meet with people in person which is..yeah.

My mind raced through all this yesterday as I drove to Ginny’s for dinner. God, she is such a fucking good cook. I thought I was pretty good in the kitchen but now I’m like “I’ll just rub your shoulders after”, take the garbage out and put the bag back in the trashcan kinda thing.

Everything will be fine.

I haven’t been writing on here about it but I’ve been making “things” with yeast, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemonade, etc. Letting it ferment for a few weeks/months and then, well, yeah.

So to catch you up on it, I’m doing it like software updates, documenting each a google doc with what I put in it, when, etc.

So version 1.0 was sloppy, I did 6 bottles of 3 liters, each different sugar, ingredients, etc. I’m drinking some of it right and I’m kinda happy with myself how well it turned out.

Version 2.0 which I started over 2 weeks ago and is probably ready for “processing” is really exciting. I threw in a bunch of red chili pepper into the mango, apple juice bottles, should be interesting.

I typically do my hooching on Mondays when I work from home. I’m hurting on money bad because of…reasons…but I still added 2 bottles of apple juice to my instacart order. It gets here and I decide to boil some water with some black tea and rosemary that I cut from a local resturant’s rosemary bush.

Prepped some red star yeast in some warm water, dumped it in, shook it and it’s off and going. I checked on it today and they are moving forward but I honestly think I might start using this site to document when and what I do instead of trying to use a spreadsheet.

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. This has been a shit week but whenever I feel fucking sad I remember how great life is at this moment.

It’s all smooth sailing
From here on out