the simple enjoyment of life

Ginny and I decided to go visit Gus this weekend with a loaded cooler of beer. We sat and talked, I don’t remember what, that’s kind of the beauty of this kind of relationship, we just talk while the ghost of Gus listens. And judges us because we had sex in front of him. Whatever.

We watched two unleashed dogs run and it was incredibly how enjoyable it was just to watch dogs have fun. We both want a dog but are smart enough to know it’s just not a good idea as a responsible adult at this time. It sucks, I miss Marla, oh well.

On sunday…we went on a double date with some people. I’m not going to write about this because crackhore may one day become popular again and I don’t want to ruin anyone.

It was notable tho, something I need to write and note about. The woman on the date with me and Ginny said she had never seen me smile so much, telling me how she has seen me so sad for so many years and how drastic the change in my demeanor has been.

It was kinda strange but yet really warm to hear someone tell me how happy I am.

It’s also terrifying, I have potentially fucked up with all of this. I didn’t mean to fall in love, I don’t know how to keep her in love with me.

The fun of life, just gotta do more situps and pushups. I can’t fix my personality but abs help.

Love you ginny, see you soon.