So as I’ve dated Ginny, I’ve learned she has certain…quirks..I tend to try to remember. One of these she doesn’t like when people get out of the car before her. I don’t know why but whatever, okay. I even put the seat down on the toilet, etc.

One thing tho is..Styrofoam. She does not like the sound of it rubbing, at all. Like brushing a cup against a table is like nails on a chalkboard, I kinda get it, it sounds terrible. Anyway, after I accidentally reminded myself that she hates this today when we stopped to get some daiquiris after eating some sushi.

I slid the cup on the coffee table and it made that signature sound that she isn’t a fan of. It got me thinking…ouloud, what would be the worst way to torture someone with styrofoam and I figured being buried alive in a styrofoam box that has a lot of loose styrofoam in it and probably dosed with LSD. After I place Ginny in this styofoam coffin and place it in the ground, I attach a bluetooth speaker with a zydeco spotify music station selected and a ravpower usb charger so it can play extra loud.

I described this to her and she screamed SAFEWORD, not that we have a safe word, we should probably get one. So fucking funny.

My language of love is probably a form of torture in some countries.