I would like a additional 30 days extension of life to fix everything

Money in…money out. Why do I even bother with it all, throw the mic down and walk away.

The best problems are the ones that I can’t really “fix” as in my fridge died. The supply chain on the planet is in a tumble so any parts for even basic parts is just fucked. I have a leftover steak from the restaurant 500 yards from my condo for lunch tomorrow. It’s like camping but sad.

I don’t care. On top of my game, need to charge more. I’m really worried about me and Ginny. Losing your fridge in the middle of a relationship is kind of a deal breaker. She’s been present every time I call for a update but I dunno. Maybe this is a Strength in the SWOT analysis in her head. He doesn’t need a microwave, that was broken a while back, oh, guess he can live on just a freezer. We always have the grill downstairs if he loses power but then we won’t have netflix.

She never said or thought any of those things but typing it keeps it on the internet and out of my head.

I will get my fridge fixed. As soon as the part gets here. Fuck, who would have known this was our future. Death upon death, history will be harsh, I hope. Or they won’t. Donald Trump will be the laughable grandpa that Bush became? No wonder Thompson shot himself at such a young age.

Fridge. Yes. Part here soon. The problem is without my fridge I can’t cold crash the “wine” ive been making. Basically throwing it in the fridge to let the yeast settle before you bottle and drink it. I feel lost without but can’t cold crash without the fridge. I’m going to make more this weekend just because it’s cheap fun.