Oh boy…

Been lazy with this site but like honestly I haven’t had much to write about until the last few weeks. So like, I always feel like the day I leave New Orleans is one day so every mardi gras is like the last? Decided this year to take the gloves off and live at the office in midcity for a few days during the holiday and just kinda spend time around the insanity because who knows when it’s your last.

Sleeping bag on the floor feels rough if you are 25 or 40 but I’m having fun. I’ve spent way more time of my life alone and miserable then happy with someone so it feels oddly…normal.

I’m completely minding my own business when I see a reddit message. It’s from a woman who says she likes my comments and posts and wants to meet. I look like shit but say fuck it, lyft is on it’s way.

So I’m not really known for a lot of self confidence…she’s of course absolutely drop dead gorgeous and a high end programmer so I feel insecure and like it actually feels better to type it out even though no one fucking reads this site. So I guess not as brave as I want it to be.

In retrospect, I had been drinking way too much to meet a person from the internet, like I was pretty far into whatever introspective thing I was trying to achieve. She told me things yesterday I said and even I was like “oh wow that sounds like something you would say but…”

I apparently at one point in the first date she was way too skinny and hot and she needed to eat some pasta, like bro that is not how you flirt, wtf.

So I figure, well, that was a ruined opportunity but I don’t really give up unless I hear like stop, no don’t, stop texting me, leave me alone so I message her again. I dunno what she saw in me but have a second date that goes way better.

The next day I leave and I’m like it’s a beautiful day, let’s hike to the streetcar on Canal and go to the bulldog and get a bus from there. It was even more fun because I had my black purse with me and a giant plastic bottle of benchmark. It’s funny because on my walk there, as people would see me drink from it at intersections and how even a $5 metal flask looks 100% more classic but even tho fat tuesday was a week ago, it’s still mardi gras.

It was a nice journey across the city and go home and sleep.

So I might have made a better impression and she invites me over for dinner. I’m doing better, way more charming and left her house early in the morning.

Now she lives in lower garden district and like it’s been gentrified pretty but it’s still the LGD. The first time I saw a person shoot at a police offer and see a police offer shoot back was in the lower garden district so I’m a little hyper paranoid. Finally I give up and get a lift after a while, kinda still feeling like a bitch, I could have made it the whole way.

I know she’ll never read this but it feels/felt great to hangout with someone like her. I’m not going to push my luck but I also kinda am. Amazing story worth this web site tho.