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how to piss off a cashier

Nothing like coming home Sunday morning wearing the same clothes you were wearing Friday night. Things are different now yet still strikingly similar. It's okay tho. I'd sell my soul, my self esteem, a dollar at a time, for one chance, one kiss, one taste of you my magdalena....... How To Piss Off A Cashier Heh, so me and this friend of mine stumble into a RiteAid at like 2am. Toad immediately grabs two can ...

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Need You To Feel This Way

Many people are wondering why i didn't update yesterday. That's cuz i went to bed to at noon and slept till 9:30am on Monday. Ph99r my mad sl33ping sk1llz. I have a rant forming in my mind as we speak which will be up on the site soon. Hehe. Btw, my directions ALMOST worked, hehehe it was scary, i was telling everyone, "dude, these directions are actually going to where we want to go??!" then t ...

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Welp, site is up. Theres a project on Hore3 and like 3 more new rants but since windows 2000 threw up on itself early Saturday morning i lost alot of time. Luckily i backed up all my crap on a spare drive so ill just upload it when i return to the crackcave. Oh, i got mentioned on, thats pretty cool. hehe. Oh and check this thing defdog did, warning, not for the weak of stomach/mind Rain. In other ...

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Drive Across The Country

Day One: After flying out to Las Angeles once to interview for a job, i came home and packed up my car and gave away most of my personal belongings and hit the road. Ian accompanied me, since he was going to probably work for the same company i was and also held the urge to get the fuck out of Memphis as i did. We had arranged for a place to stay in Dallas with one of Ian's aim friends(he didn't m ...

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Before this little fun update i would like to announce a very special occurance. From the people who brought you delightfully rancid of have started on a new project. We recently purchased in order to make a parody which is owned by a Baptist Church. Hehehe. Now this was funny. My break at work finally rolls around so i jump up and yell "It's poopy time!" ...

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Well i was thinking about switching hosts to Communitech, but they responded with this letter. "We will not set an account up with the domain name We do not accept any sites with domain names such as these. Please look elsewhere for you hosting services. Thank you!" I received a letter later asking for me to phone them so they could setup the account ...

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C R A C K H O R E . C O M

Welp, the load of homework wasn't that bad from the 4 days of sick vacation. I got to see the new layout of viewed on another computer, my music history teacher. The image gallery is way too popular. hehe Toady is travelling tonight on a plane I can see the red tailed eyes heading for North Dakota Oh and I can see Toady waving goodbye Hore it looks like Toady, must be the cheese in my sandwhich The ...

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