c r a c k h o r e . c o m

Honestly, nothing really exciting happened. I got kicked off the subway by a really pissed off boston rail guy who said i couldn’t wear skates while on the subway. I argued that since there were no signs that it was perfectly legal. He said by that logic it would be legal to bring a weapon down here. In response i said that carrying a weapon is perfectly legal if you a permit for it and if you didn’t have permit then it was illegal by state laws. I then asked him for the state law which said i couldn’t wear rollerblades on a escalator in a subway. He then got really pissed. It was cool, stupid people own. Lets see, what else, umm, i didn’t sleep with sara, her boyfriend was pretty tall and sara wasn’t throwing me any of the signs so i just decided to be nice and polite and just sit there.

Okay, Ianx0r says he is close to finishing his corner of crackhore.com which should be up soon.
FreaKeXX: still awake?
sm0ketoad: polk;lj
FreaKeXX: drunk I see
sm0ketoad: ahahaha

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