Yes, I’m sober. Yes, I’m okay with that.

I’m glad im leaving Memphis. After four days of drinking, skating, and drinking and cutting and drinking i am finally sober. I have no idea how much money i spent or/and what i’ve drank in the past few days, but i am sober now. But i remember some of the stories, ehhehe.

Last night, 4am, im driving home from the last bar of the evening. I have a box of unopened wine in the backseat of my car along with lots of skating equipment. A friend of mine Spider is walking across the street and i scream and open the door and motion him to get in. He gets in, i floor it, we go over a curb and into this little field near my apartment. It’s not a big field, just like a pseudo front yard for the nicer apartments that are next to me but it’s just a fairly nice sized courtyard, yeah, a courtyard without anything but grass. The Horemobileâ„¢ tears through there and im slamming on the breaks and turning the wheel at 90 degree angles and spinning around and screaming along with the NIN playing in the car. Then we went to a Sessels because Taco Bell was closed. As we were walking around the well-lit grocery store, i kick over a advertisement board and scream “IM CASTORTOAD, YOU WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!”. Thats when we left with our TV dinners.

Wow, i drank alot this weekend.

On another note, a friend of mine has too much time on his hands so he annoys people on AIM for fun. Here is a log of him scaring some poor innocent child.

I’m not sure if my webpage updates can be used against me in a court of law but im gonna tell this part of the story anyway. Last night while driving home a friend of mine Spider was walking across the street at like 4am. I open the passenger door and tell him to hop in. I floor it, feeling the full power of the Horemobileâ„¢ on my hands with Trent screaming in my ears and i go up over a curb. I’m then doing donuts in a the courtyard going about 50mph and at this point Spider is screaming and i drive back to my apartment and park my car. Im write a editorial about it but i wanted pictures and the big yellow thing that burns my skin is already gone so i’ll do it tommorow, hehe.

So i was updating the page about 2 hours ago when my ex-co-worker Ian kicks in my door(which i keep unlocked) and tells me i am going to get a tattoo with him. Im actually sober at this point, oddly enough, talking to Steve about how fucked our up weekend was. We drive to this man’s house, Fred and in his kitchen we got a tattoo. What Fred does do not tell us is that he has never given a tattoo to anyone except himself. I was really really really nervous, Ian has lots of tattoos and knows how it feels so he isn’t scared at all. I am. My life is intresting.

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