I’m not addicted

After a long weekend of tylenol PM, alcohol and not having internet access, i arrived at work to find our DSL is still down. This makes 3 days of not having internet access. I look down at the little yellow aim icon and theres no little blue circle around it. Sigh. Sure do wonder whats happening on aim right now. I bet all my friends are online and laughing and singing and downloading music while im sitting in a office without internet access updating my page full knowing that i can’t upload it. Sigh.

Oh well, this Saturday i went paintballing with Us_ in Corona, California. Gawd, i forgot how much i missed running around a inclosed field shooting other people with guns. I hadn’t played in years and most of my gear is still in a huge box in a attic in Memphis and the last 6 months of drinking and drug use has left my body “not fit for running from people with guns” shape. Needless to say, Saturday my entire body hurt. I decided a mix of Tylenol PM, beer and a few other drugs that don’t need to be mentioned would heal me nicely. Five hours later im laying on my couch staring at my ceiling and talking to my ankle about how much it hurts. Damn i need to move out of LA.

It’s scary how much shit i have to do. My palmpilot, the perfect companion for someone who spends too little time sober to remember the things he has to do, has been used more regularly lately. Now that would make a intresting Visor commercial. Camera zooms in on some grungy looking guy wearing a Sublime shirt and sitting at a bus stop smoking a joint. He stares off into space for a bit, then opens his Visor and notices he has to pay one of his dealers. Smiles to himself…zooms out. Visor. Replacing brain cells one memo at a time.

It really sucks that I’m already getting that “Crap, im homeless” feeling again and this time i don’t have a steady job lined up this time. Ahh, the joys of freelance. What a great company idea tho, no office no building, no phones, just a laptop, a cellphone and Toad going to friend’s houses to download mail and upload the website he designed while laying on a park bench.

Hahaha, one last thing. I found this when i went to a friend of mine’s apartment who happens to be a director. He had this picture up on his fridge from some actor who thought this would be a good picture to send out to all of his prospects. Since i couldn’t scan it i had to just take a picture of it but you kinda still see it.

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