i settle in with my Corona forty nightcap and my mp3s

After a intresting day at the office with Marla, i settle in with my Corona forty nightcap and my mp3s. A website that has been, well, lets put it this way, been under construction a little longer then it was supposed to. It also cost a little bit more then it should have. Basically meaning i fucked up. And fucking up isn’t something that i like doing. Especially when i go about for months knowing that i fucked up and am still paying for it cuz it’s not done yet. So everytime my mind would go completely blank from thought, in this site would come. Needless to say, i’m glad the nightmare is over. Hopefully they will be cutting me a check tommorow and i’ll really get closure. At this point, like any other project that stretches out longer then it should, the money doesn’t really even matter. Now when my mind goes blank and i think of the site, i smile and think “owned”.

Jay, i appreciate the help and whenever you need painkillers, white slaves, a underground railroad to escape the country, etc, etc, you’ve got a friend. Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you have to do is msg. And i’ll come running….running….

There is this really really sweet lady at work named Debbie. Debbie always makes time in busy day to help the boss’s stupid hungover son with a proposal and other things that relate to all those things that go around actually designing a website…anyway, it’s not in her job description to help my dumb ass. I knew she drank Smirnoff Ice so about a week ago i bought her a 6 pack of it and put it in my fridge. Somehow, i’m not really sure how, but 3 of those Smirnoff Ice’s disappeared that night. Then at that point i was just like “why bother give it to her”.

So another week passes and on St Patricks Day I buy her another 6 pack, with the full intention of bringing the full complete 6 pack. Then last night after the 2 huge Coronas just wasn’t enough, 3 more Smirnoff Ice fell victim to AlcoholVampireToad. Now on a question of etiquette, do i give her the 3 remaing Smirnoff’s, replace the 3 missing Smirnoff’s with a Coors Tallboy, or finish the other 3 tonight in celebration….i don’t even like Smirnoff Ice 🙁

Today at lunch Darrel i told him about my new project i’m going to start writing. I’m going to title it Toad’s Guide To Webdesign In The South. It will cover the basics like avoiding clients that have deep southern accents, avoiding clients named Bubba

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