the search for wheels

After Christy went to class and the bottle of Livingston was once unscrewed i thought about it some more. Do i really want a vehicle that encourages offroad driving? Every 2-3 months i would get drunk and drive the Camry through my apartment’s backyard, do i really want something that would make it possible to drive up hills, etc? Probably not.

It’s really weird to not have my car anymore. I spent more time in that car then i did most of my apartments. That car got me home on more nights when i shouldn’t have been driving, was the place of more drug use, the most anger, the most depression, the most happiness, then any other single place. Across the country and back again, that car went through hell and back with me…..

Well, Christy gets home from class in 40 minutes and i promised to do the dishes…..wait for another wine soaked update tommorow…tata

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