America, The Failed Project.

Just because one religion says we should take the day off I'm sitting here completely sober and I'm pissed. What is up with that? Sure, I'm only 19, i can't buy alcohol, but if i could, i'd be really pissed that the only thing i could buy is beer. Beer is only fun on a few occasions so what if I'm not in a beer mood on a Sunday?!

Sorry Toad, we here in the United States Of America say the church and state are seperate, but since the church says its wrong, it probably is, so lets make a law! AHAHAHAHA Damn it. I work in a call enter that is open 365 days a year and we serve almost no purpose except to lie to people. Look, i know the church is against drinking for some strange reason but is the church also against lying? Yup, thats right. So by logic, shouldn't call centers be closed on Sundays also, to prevent lying as they do drinking on Sundays? The 9th commandment says do not bear false witness, so i think bearing false witness on a Sunday is like extra bad.

Now you may be thinking, all those people who own liquor stores need Sundays off to rest for all their hard work they do all week helping AMERICANS get their booze. Thats crap, as much as they deserve rewards, they shouldn't be forced to or be allowed to have their place of business closed just because its a certain day of the week. Know what the solution is for that? HIRE MORE EMPLOYEES!

Hell, i don't think these places should even be closing at 11pm, they should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to promote drinking just like a call center promotes lying! If i want to be lied to at 4:30am i know what number i can call but if i want a rum and coke at 4:30am I'm shit out of luck for like another 8 hours. A friend made the argument that you should just stock up on Saturday. What if i don't want to?! My forefathers died so i can be lazy and buy my alcohol any damn time i want. But i guess since it was members of the National Brit Church that landed on this country first, well technically they didn't but thats a whole other editorial, they think that i can't buy alcohol from liquor stores on Sunday. Damn it all.

Footnote***Thanks to Queen Jenny for giving me information on the 9th commandment so i didn't have to look it up.

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