The Time I Smoked Catnip

Well, in a drunken jealous rage, i took some catnip and put it in a pipe. I'm always up for trying something new and possibly deadly so i thought, why not? After sparking the catnip and tasting the interesting minty flavor it had, i leaned back on the couch and waited for any effects. Ian then told me that it would be funny if there was some strange chemical reaction with the other chemicals in my body and i somehow overdosed. Now that would have been funny, Ian dragging Toad into a Baton Rouge hospital explaining to nurses that he was smoking catnip and his heart stopped. I didn't think it was funny at the time though. After about a hour we decided to leave and i was still not feeling any new feelings from the catnip. My conclusion? Catnip sadly does not effect humans the same as it effects cats. This is a huge disappointment. I thought i was stumbling upon a great new drug that would sweep through the streets like a tidal wave. But alas, nothing happened.

The moral of this story. Crap, i'm not really sure on this one. How about, if you try something you saw someone else getting a buzz off of, it probably won't work for you? Well thats not completely correct either. Okay i got it, the moral of this story is that cats have it so much better then humans.

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