Sandwich Karma

First Chad brings over 2 sandwiches, one turkey, one ham. I come inside from my run, already wet from the rain pouring down and eat the ham. Two hours later, i eat the turkey as a pre-drinking barrier before we go to Nate’s weekly at Hardrock.

Of course at Hardrock the liquor flowed. I had numerous Markers Marks and was definetely feeling it. Ian gets this huge plastic cup of gin and tonic water. This cup was a foot tall and was mostly gin. When Ian got up to say hi to a old friend, i pour little of his drink into mine. My drunk logic said that since Ian was driving that he didn’t need to have that whole drink.

This happened about 3 times. When Ian finally gets back i confess to him that i’ve warezed have his drink.

Guess it’s okay tho since they mix him another monster gin and tonic. Then they do shots. I had half a bar all yelling COME ON TOAD, DO A SHOT! while i’m trying to keep the Maker’s Mark from coming up all over the bar.

After that we decide that it’s time to leave. I stumble behind Ian as we walk into the Hardrock kitchen and make 2 sandwiches. This part is kinda blurry and i remember eating half of it when i got home but i’m sure it’s still in my fridge.

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