Can’t be harder then learing how to drive stick.

I had been talking about buying a keyboard for about 3 months. I dunno, after learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle by just getting in it and driving around until it clicked has activated some weird fascination with the power of victory.

Maybe it’s the routine of my life. The work, drink, sleep cycle fucks with you. Except for the 2 weekly runs i sit in the same place doing absolutely nothing.

Most people would say enroll in school. I think it’s a waste of money.

I had been doing well with money recently, despite the addictions, so i said fuck it. Spent maybe a total of 3 hours playing with it throughout the night, part of which, was done in those hazy hours before i fall into my drunken coma.

I’d like to first state how confusing notes are. I hated learning this shit in mandatory music class and now im just as confused. The fact that sharp notes and flat notes are on the same fucking key, really really bothers me as a computer person. It’s right click or left click. Not sharp click or dull click.

Mommy, why does that man only have one mouse button?

Well Timmy, he’s a homosexual, their mice only have one button to show us that they are gay.

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