You’re all a bunch of faggots

And you. And the faggots that can’t figure out that thise little arrows on the concrete in a parking lot are there for.

You’re coming up to the Shnucks on Poplar. Yes, this grocery store, formally called Sessels, is not a “Snucks”. Anyway, you’re going to get food, you’re coming East bound so you gotta turn in front of, oh my god, 3 lanes of traffic!

Now if you look carefully, on the ENTRANCE there is a big white arrow pointing for you to come in there. Now like 80% of Memphis understands you pull in there. Every once in a while you get a super faggot that tries to pull out that way but it’s rare.

So you get in, crossing the 3 lanes of traffic. Now you gotta find a fucking space. This is where the disasters start. People get so confused once they pull in. It’s a confusing parking lot, i’ll give them that. But thats why the smart people at Sessels painted a little navigational tool for all their patrons.

I guess they can’t see the it from their lofty view of their SUV.

Poplar is like the ultimate IQ test. Today I’m driving down Poplar going home and this car starts trying to turn into the Starbucks. I’m looking up above her car with the big NO TURNING sign. I look in my rear view mirror and see the 4 cars, blocking the intersection, because this dumb bitch has to get her coffee. The best is watching the people behind you in that “hey look at this dumb bitch is doing”. You watch the brows turn, the look of disgust washes over their face as they slowly feel their life being drained by someone else’s ignorance.

i don’t even know what else to say….I should have turned with her, walked in, got in line behind her as she got her coffee. Smelled her perfume, watched what she ordered…..or maybe she was gonna go to the drive through. Then i could have followed her home.

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