Whatcha doe dis eekend.

Last night started out by getting really stoned on the way to my sister’s ballet show on the roof of the Gibson Guitar factory. You havn’t lived till you and your friend roll up into a ballet stoned and drunk. I’m sure my mom could tell since i was laughing a little too much. Then fucking sam shows up. Sam starts whispering shit about Warcraft in my ear and i’m chewing on my hand to keep from laughing.

We decide to get some drinks.

We roll right up on some Hardrock. Tony the bartender procedes to get us trashed and after 2 cranberry and makers mark, we decide it’s definetely time to go back to Midtown. Then it turns into lets see how many different bars we can go to. We meet brandon at young ave, decide it’s definetely not worth a cover and go our seperate ways.

Lets see what this bar is like.

We spot another bar prospect. I park, take one last puff on the one hitter and stroll in like i own the place. I’m halfway through the courtyard when Wes half whispers “Toad! Toad!”. I stop, turn around and walk over to him and try to coax him along. He just turned 21 so he’s probably afraid of walking in.

Wes hurries me the opposite direction of the bar and screams “haha did you not see any guys there?” I was all about it. “Yeah dude, that place looked bumping” Then Wes said it again. Did you not see any guys in there?

I didn’t.

Cuz guys don’t go to lesbian bars.

Ugh, i always thought it was “after hours bar” and not a “i drive a harley and wear flannel” bar. I would give anything to hear the thoughts of those lesbians. The wtf’s and the omfg’s that probably went through their carpet munching minds. I still think we should have had one beer and left….

So after that, we’re not discouraged.

We head to a old reliable, zennie’s east. It starts to get blurry here. I have another 3 cranberry and maker’s mark and i guess we left. It’s about 3am when we get home, from what Wes has told me. Wes pops in the last cd of the Oz boxset.

I don’t even remember hearing the theme song.

Wes said he woke up on the floor around 6am and went back to the computer room to sleep in there. I don’t know why he was on the floor.

**Sleep for about 8 hours**

I woke up at the bright early of hour 11:30am to my cellphone ringing. I answer it, walk outside since my awesome cellphone only works outside, let the dog out and come back inside…

Walk into dirty bathroom, pee, throw up, start shower. Back to the computers, check email, look at the aim msgs. I’m still pretty drunk. I get in the shower, lean against the wall and think back to that first beer i had at Boscos that started last night. Put on my favorite shirt and my favorite pair of pants and go pick micaela up for breakfast at IHOP.

The hangover is starting to subside and food actually sounds like a decent idea. I eat some delicious pancakes and we head to Cooper Young festival. It’s 2pm and i figure wes is probably awayke in my apartent wondering if im gonna come back for him. I kick open my apartment door, Wes gets up, goes to the bathroom, lights and cigerette and gets in the car with us.

Saturday night Angie takes battle weary Wes and I to the Hitone to see Southern Bitch play. I was expecting 3 really heavy set white trash looking women who were going to play Poison covers. Instead they were a, umm, i think sam called it “americana” band. Anyway they had $2 dollar Miller High Life and the music seemed to really fit the alcohol. Our tab was only $54, which isn’t a diaster but none of us were “planning on drinking a lot”.

No idea what happened after that. Pretty sure i went to sleep.

Sunday is spent watching Futurama episodes and wasting brain cells with warcraft…..alas tommorow i must arise before noon and try to make some money…but then, come Thursday, the weekend will start again!

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