gonna be a atari teenage riot day

gawwwwdddd…waking up at 7am…still drunk….still fucked up from the 3 sleeping pills i ate while drinking…..those were probably a bad idea…feel kinda dizzy, hands shaking….i can’t really tell if i’m still drunk, still luded from the pills or just plain tired….

it’s weird when you wake up, realize you have a lot of shit to do, then realize that 90% of the stuff is you, driving around, giving people money. i gotta pay rent, gas up the car, drive all the way out to the honda dealership, then i gotta go out to another office, where i’ll work for free, then buy a new monitor, assemble the new computer for the other office……the day kinda stops there…i’ll probably pass out at the wheel at my last stop…..

the shower is warming up now, probably gonna try to choke down breakfast after that and then i’m on my way…

i really like waking up this hour…this was this weird dew like stuff all over the grass outside…i guess it was dew….time to go lay down in the shower and try to sober up….

innnnn the springttimeeee of hissss voooodoooooo

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