duct tape

scoutmastertoad: my friend is asking advice on how to talk dirty to her boyfriend
Assssssley: hmm
scoutmastertoad: yeah i was telling her it’s hard to give that kind of advice
scoutmastertoad: cuz it’s more specific for the guy, right?
scoutmastertoad: like some guys like to hear about how great their cum tastes
Assssssley: ewwww
Assssssley: i never really got into the “tallking dirty” thing
Assssssley: if it happens it happens
Assssssley: i prefer no talking during sex
scoutmastertoad: hmm
scoutmastertoad: yeah, i use duct tape too
Assssssley: huh
scoutmastertoad: oh
scoutmastertoad: umm
scoutmastertoad: hahahaha

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