Tremont Photography Workshop

I left that Friday for Tremont, half a bottle of wine stolen from a reception at the office the night before, a flask of whiskey, 6 sleeping pills, my digital camera and my backpack full of goodies.

The wine was drank before i even got to Jackson, TN. Opening a bottle of wine with your teeth, while flying down the interstate at 95mph and pouring it into a water bottle is the very defination of skillz. The bottle goes out the window to get rid of the evidence and then 2 beers and 3 cd's later, i get there.

I miss the first dinner so i walk into the first lecture on how to take better photographs. They all break for coffee and tea, then it's off to bed at….10pm. I get to the bunks and notice that everyone has sleeping bags, pillows, towels and flipflops to wear in the shower. I had my flask, my laptop and a hoodie. A shirt found in my trunk soon becomes my pillow and the hoodie becomes a makeshift blanket. I end up staying up almost the whole night since i havn't gone to bed sober before 10pm since 7th grade.

I walk out into the cafeteria, hunting for anything i can mix my whiskey with. After finding a few cartons of milk, it appears that decafinated coffee and whiskey will be my drink of choice. I sit outside in the dark, drink my vile drink and chain smoke trying to force myself to pass out.

The lights come up at 5am. I feel worse then i expected. I sit at the breakfast table with my headphones on listening to Dark Side Of The Moon, guzzling coffee waiting for breakfast to be served. I take the headphones off for a second and still hear Pink Floyd. Panic starts to set in before i realize that the cafeteria lady is listening to the same album on her stereo. What the fuck.

We eat, shoot the pictures of the sunrise and come back for lunch and more lectures. We then head out into the woods for more pictures. Fairly uneventful, pictures turned out nice tho.

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